Saturday, September 15, 2012


Overwhelming...that is my word for the week.  Noelle's appointment was moved up.  We saw Dr.
Crist in Columbia, Missouri on Wednesday.  Great thing number one is that Dr. Crist is a Christian.  Number two is that his hope and desire is that Noelle will be symptom free.  The road there may be a little tough.  Her joint pain is very bad at this point.  She will be doing heavy duty antibiotics for at least four months.  She has started her first one.  We will be adding supplements as we proceed. We have heard that the pain is one of the first symptoms to go.  Please pray that for Noelle.   She has a lot of pain in her hands and feet as well as still having severe headaches.  Pray also for understanding teachers as she is still missing a lot of school.  She is a very good student so it is hard for her not to be stressed about missing school.

Scott's appointment is in January at this point.  Please pray that his appointment will be moved up as well.  Jake and my blood tests revealed that we also have markers for tick born infections.  Technically in the Midwest it is called Masters disease not Lyme's disease, different tick.  Who knew.  So he and I have appointments in February.  Our symptoms are not as severe so pray that we will have wisdom regarding treatment.   The appointments are not covered by insurance and neither are some of the treatments.

The first thing that they want us to do is start a gluten free, nightshade vegetable free diet.  This diet is anti inflammatory.  So if you have any ideas or recipes that are gluten free, without white potatoes, tomatoes or peppers...send them my way!  I tried to make Swedish pancakes this morning with gluten free flour...epic failure!

On a more fun note, we are ramping up for fall sports.  Teme is playing football, Sabrina has dance, gymnastics and soccer.  Noelle is hoping to feel well enough to play some soccer.  And...Jake got a job!  He is working at a call center fielding calls for Toro.