Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pink Ribbon

Last year Noelle and I participated in the Pink Ribbon 5K. I think it may become a tradition! This year we did not take a wheelchair. In fact, Noelle has not used it since April. So we walked the whole thing:) Sabrina rode most of it especially since it was very cold! The blanket was necessary.

It is very frustrating that now, later in the day, Noelle is in tremendous pain. It is so difficult to accept. Things are much better than they were but still a far cry from "normal" for an 18 year old. On another health note, we have made an appoinment in Chicago with an endometriosis specialist. We are also waiting for our insurance to approve Botox for Noelle's daily migraines. A few years ago, just prior to her Lyme diagnosis, she had two Botox treatments and felt that they lessened her pain. We now have new insurance so we are waiting for approval.

September pics

I had minor finger surgery on the 24th to remove a cyst that keeps growing back. I still have the stitches actually. Everything went well as soon as I stopped taking the pain pills:/

Noelle and her friend, Aubrey, at the UNI homecoming. This was the day after Noelle had her wisdom teeth removed. Strong girl, as usual!

Every September we have a local fair called Cattle Congress. When I was younger it was actually 10 days, I believe. It is now just a long weekend. Friday is always Kids Day and all the public schools cancel. The schools pretend it is for "professional development". Sabrina was able to go with her class for a special Iowa State Extension program. But on the weekend the whole family went. Well, everyone but Jake:)