Tuesday, December 29, 2009


OK, how domestic is this? Family Fun magazine comes through with an idea to occupy the young ones while Thanksgiving dinner is cooking. Yes, I said Thanksgiving. Al, Scott's dad, and the Daigles (Scott's sister, Christy's family) came for Thanksgiving. We threw in a little Christmas while they were here.
This is Naomi, Christy's middle one, playing dress up with Sabrina.

Now it is really Christmas, with Diane's family. This is Elizabeth, and Christian. Believe it or not Christian and Sabrina are only a couple weeks apart in age. His dad always jokes that Christian shouldn't eat his cousin!

Princess Sabrina, Christmas eve!

On the way to Grandma Mary's with stocking goodies in our lap.

This is the best I could do with a Christmas morning photo. Rather pathetic considering the ages of the older two. Mostly it was the uncooperative oldest!

Oh, yeah, she's a tool girl!
Even if it is a little late...

Sabrina update!

Sabrina has officially been home a year. WOW! Cannot imagine life without her! She is finally growing a little. She is about 24 pounds and 331/2 inches tall. She still mostly wears 18-24 month clothes. (Jake wore that size when he was less than a year old!) She is walking really well, but still with a little swing of the hips. The doctors think she will out grow this. Our big news was that Sabrina has latent tuberculosis. This means she has no symptoms and is not contagious but could one day develop TB so she has to take 9 months of antibiotics! She did have a chest x-ray to verify that the doctors didn't see anything suspicious. We joked with her that she was getting a picture of her boobies. Anything to distract her. She continues to have an amazing vocabulary and is adding 3 and 4 syllable words like comfortable, tomorrow, and together.

Noelle dances

Isn't she beautiful? Noelle has been taking a ballet/tap class. She would love to take pointe, but has to work her way up. Because she is starting later than most girls, the girls in her class are younger than she is. The recital was lots of fun and Noelle's dance was great. Especially the final kick!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My girls

I am so behind on posts. But I quick wanted to put a link to new professional photos of the girls. The photographer has already asked to post one of Sabrina in a doctor's office. Fun. The link is http://elementportraits.instaproofs.com/collection.php?event=184796. Let me know what you think. My favorites of Sabrina are 154, 156, 190 and 195 (absolute fav!!). My favorites of Noelle are 37, 170 and 202. Sabrina had a hard time warming up and there aren't any great ones of the two of them together. And the ones with me were unplanned, just trying to get Sabrina to warm up. We will not be buying any of those. Where did those thighs come from and how come working out six days a week doesn't make them go away? Oh, yeah, you have to stop eating everything that is not nailed down. I digress.....