Monday, May 2, 2011

San Francisco!

Each year Scott has an opportunity to win an incentive trip at work. This year he won a trip to San Francisco! At the last minute, we decided to bring Noelle with us. We had a great four days in San Francisco.


I REALLY wanted a picture of all six of us! Which obviously did not happen. We were all together in one place...YEAH! Jake had initiation for his frat, Pi Kappa Phi, the week before. He came home Saturday. My sisters and their families were here as well. We had pizza at our place Saturday night. Church all together on Sunday and Easter lunch at the Dike Country Club. The Good Friday service at Prairie Lakes on Friday night was probably the spiritual highlight of the weekend. I felt a little bit of a spiritual letdown on Sunday. How sad is that? I am sure I have no one to blame but myself:( But HE IS ALIVE AND HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Cute pics!

Aren't they cute! Sabrina's hair is on a braid rest:) I usually take them out and leave them out for a day or two before I re-braid.

FYI: Teme started wrestling practice!! It is a feeder program for West High School. Look out Anthony Robles! Teme is so strong that he can do pushups with his entire lower body off the ground. It is crazy!

New Leg is coming!!

It has been a really long process to go from Teme's amputation to an actual "leg". But...we are well on our way. March 22 we met with Clark Prosethics to create a cast of Teme's stump. From this they ordered his gel sock/protector. April 22 the gel protector was back and we met to create a cast over that to create Teme's socket. Today he tried out the first version of his socket. Hopefully Friday we will meet again to try out an updated socket and Teme's lower leg components. Everyone expects Teme to fly through the learning to walk process!


Not long ago my good friend, Sue Flynn, lost her daddy to Alzheimers. A couple of weeks ago she, her daughter Megan, Rachel Kauten and I participated in a fun fundraiser for Alzheimers. It was called the Quest to Unravel Alzheimers Scavanger Hunt. It took place at the University of Northern Iowa, where both Sue and I attended. It was a cool day but we had a great time. We were Harald's Angels!