Thursday, May 28, 2009


May 28th is my mom's birthday. So Noelle was scheduled to be delivered on May 29th. She was breech and had to be delivered by cesarean. My kids are not known for respecting schedules. Noelle Madison Larson was born at 4:52 am on May 28th. She was born in Waterloo, Iowa, weighing 7 pounds and 13 and 1/2 ounces. On September 5, 1996, I wrote, "Noelle is a dream baby. She sleeps all night. She talks and smiles lots, especially for dad. Everyone thinks she has red hair and looks like me."

October, 1997
17 months

August, 1999
Just over three years old

March, 2002
Almost six

July, 2003
Drama camp, age seven

School picture
5th grade

Birthday girl!
Noelle is: AMAZING, brave, curious, daring, enthusiastic, flashy, GREAT, helpful, ingenious, jazzy, KIND, limber, modest, nice, outrageous, pretty, quick, radiant, silly, tender, unique, virtuous, winsome, x-rayed, youthful and ZANY!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun in the sun

Scott, Sabrina and I had a great time yesterday afternoon. Scott surprised me with some hanging baskets, five huge ones! So we hung those and some outdoor lights that I purchased in June 2006! So our deck looks ready for a party. We added sand to Sabrina's sandbox, her new favorite place. She loves it when we bury our feet and the sand was so dirty! She is still not walking more than a couple steps on her own. And that is only when we really encourage her. But she has a great time pushing things around, like the shopping cart that her therapist left for her.
One more week until my other princess turns 13! Where does the time go?

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I cannot believe my son is at prom, right now! I cannot possibly be old enough to have a son old enough to go to prom! Doesn't he look handsome? His date's name is Sarah. This is their first date, which I guess makes them friends. She is a senior and she is a great golfer. (Jake is a junior and also a golfer. I tease him about if she could beat him or not.)
Oh, yeah, don't be offended by the title. Apparently, pimp has a new meaning?!

April Showers

Earlier this week, we got a whole bunch of rain! The pickup is Jake's. The view is from our front door. Our neighbors got 16 inches in their basement, Yuck! We have a little dampness in one corner but we are pretty sure we will be OK. Noelle, right, and her friend Lena felt the need to play in the rain. Silly girls!

For JoJo

Sabrina loves to go to Clive and Dawn's blog and look at pictures and videos of JoJo!