Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lessons I'm learning

Some days the lessons our Lord has to teach us are so hard. Lessons about loving and being joyful. Lessons about patience. Those are the lessons I am learning.

Patience is a long battle for me but with adoption it takes on a different significance. Things are moving very slowly with the pursuit of our second adoption. We have sent our application and updated our home study. The agency however would like to gain a better understanding of our son's situation before we proceed. The adoption laws in Ethiopia have been changed since we adopted Sabrina. Probably these changes were needed but they will most likely slow things down. So pray along with us that these issues are resolved quickly and that T doesn't have to wait any longer!

The lessons on joy and loving are harder. They reach into me and make me squirm. I don't feel unhappy, but certain people in my life say I come across that way. That saddens me so much. I want the joy that Christ offers me to be so obvious! And the impatience that plagues me causes me to come across as unloving. Yuck! So these are the things I will be pursuing...JOY, LOVE and PATIENCE. If you have any great places to start in the Word, let me know.