Monday, November 26, 2007


Yes, we are one of those crazy families!
These are the loves of my life, here on earth.
Scott, Noelle and Jake
God is soooo good! Thanksgiving went very well. We hosted up to 10 people, for up to eight days, and everything came together just about perfectly. My anxiety did not rear its ugly head, meals went as planned, accomodations worked out and activities were enjoyed. We toured a dairy farm, see above, and went to our cabin twice. I got to spend quality time with my sister in law, Rachel, and our daughters got to play. Noelle did great with Holly one on one. When it got to be three on one she kind of made a bee line for the bedroom and some privacy. They played so well that I am not sure that she was missed.

Micah (6), Holly (6), Naomi (4) and Noelle (11)

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