Sunday, January 13, 2008


Tomorrow Noelle and I leave for a two week missions trip to Thailand. That's the WOW. We will be doing childcare for an all-Asia conference. It will be amazing I am sure.

This week we received an email from AoH stating that six referrals will be given out next week. Another WOW. Of course, while I am out of the country. We have no idea if we will be one of the families. We have no idea what we will do if we are one of the families. We still have some reservations and are trying to sort out information and seek God's will. At least two families have pulled out of AoH this week. I struggle with feeling like: "If families keep pulling out, we will get our child so much sooner." But does that truly mean that things are so messed up that we need to be switching agencies.

Please pray for AoH and their director. Pray that they would submit to God's leading and put God's will and the children of Liberia first. I know that is where they started.

Pray also for our family as we are apart for these two weeks. That is always hard for us.


Scott and Katy said...

Praying for you Diane! Continually praying for AoH as well. What a great prayer! You are in a tough position!
Praying also for your trip to Thailand. I served in Thailand for quite a while...prior to switching fields to S. Asia and then returning to the US to marry...and absolutely love it. I miss it! Where will you be? My husband is out of the Navy in December 08 and we hope to be on the field by spring 09... with our whole crew

Blu and Darbi said...

How exciting to be in Thailand!! We are definitely praying for ya'll (with everything..)


Brandi said...

I echo Katy and Darbi that I'm praying for you and for AoH and it's staff. . .Also praying for yout trip. I pray that it is lifechanging and you see Jesus in many new ways. . that He reveals parts of Himself that you never knew before and reveals parts of yourself and His plan for you. I pray also that it is a connecting/bonding time for you and your daughter.

Can't wait to hear more details. Since you aren't blogging while there I sure hope you are writing this stuff down!