Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living Vicariously!

Retail Therapy!!
Elke, the honoree and soon-to-be adoptive mom, and I
Joined by Angie, who planned the shower with me
A jog stroller, Yeah!

It's shower time! And travel time! But not for me. My great friend, Elke, left today for Korea to get her sweet little girl Anna! Our journey together has been amazing. And our girls will be close in age and in homecoming date, hopefully! Last night we threw a shower as a send off.

(I highly recommend throwing a shower at a restaurant. We ordered appetizers and had an amazing time! We didn't have to clean or cook, and I'm pretty sure it was cheaper than buying all those groceries and paper products!!)

Can't wait to meet Anna!!

As a side note, if you are waiting for an adoption to go through, I highly recommend retail therapy. Our sweet Ethiopian princess has soooo many clothes waiting for her! Check out her new bathing suit and pink chicky leggings.

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