Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two big jobs

We saw Dr. Sullivan in Iowa City for a check up. She says that we have two big assignments this month. Sabrina needs to gain weight and learn to walk, or at least strengthen her legs. I find it hard to believe, but Sabrina actually lost weight in the last five weeks. Less than a pound, but still a bummer. She has grown and is just about 30 inches. Her weight is still right about 19 pounds. We have decided to have a physical therapist give her an evaluation. We just want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help her strengthen her legs. So, look for an update in about a month! We'll keep feeding that girl!


Jillienne said...

Good luck! A doctor once told me that milkshakes were a good way to "fatten" up!

Christy said...

Butter! Eli gets butter in all of his food. As of last Thursday he weighs 18 lbs. and 1oz and is 30inches tall. I remember how disappointed I was at Eli's second appointment and found out he lost weight. The butter is working!

Clive and Dawn said...

JoJo took about 4months to gain weight, we gave him lots of milk! Full fat. Now he's on 2% cos he weighs 26lbs now! lol. You should get updates to the blog now, let me know if you don't. Good luck!