Friday, November 20, 2009

Four kids?!?

God is calling us again. Loud and clear. Some of you know that when we called about Sabrina, we also inquired about a little boy. Almost two years later, he has still not found a home. We are pretty sure that is because we are his family and we need to go get him!! So, we are starting the process again. I am unsure if the journey will be longer or shorter based on some of the details of his situation. We had our home study appointment Wednesday night and are working on the first round of paperwork.

We would love your prayers that this process would go quickly. In my little dream world, I see us all going to pick him up next summer before Jake heads off for college. By the way, have any of you returned to Ethiopia with your previously adopted children? Scott is worried about taking Sabrina.

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Lynda said...

Wow, Diane! How exciting that your adopting again! I think I remember you mentioning this little boy. I would love details! Is he close to Sabrina's age? Older, younger? What agency are you using this time? Wish I could see a picture!
Hope all is going well with the rest of the family.