Monday, April 12, 2010


Al, Scott's dad, his sister Rachel and her daughter Holly joined us from Thursday through Sunday. Then my mom, dad, sister Karen and her family joined us for Easter dinner. I didn't do a great job with pictures.
I felt kind of like we lost the spiritual significance this year. We did not attend any holy week services. We are kind of between churches. Then we attended a new church, being held in a school. It was OK but I very much missed the traditional Easter lilies and the "HE IS RISEN"!

Not very sure about the hat, so most of the morning it was on the floor!

I like this picture. It is so seldom that I get a picture of all three of them:)

Sabrina and cousin Christian, both turning 3 in June!

Noelle was in charge of dying the Easter eggs.
She did a great job while I got things ready for dinner.

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