Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I didn't expect... be constantly moving from sunup until sundown.
...another big time physical touch kid!
...sibling stuff. Pestering the younger sister, annoying the older sister.
..."Mama, I love you so much!" 11 year old boy with a shoe and clothes fetish, especially shoes!
...God's anointing in so many ways!
...full time school within two months of arrival in the US. (at a school representing 13 languages with a great ELL program and a fantastic male 4th grade teacher!!)
...lots and lots and lots and lots of ketchup (on everything, even waffles...YUK!)
...more laundry, makes sense but I just didn't think about it. And he likes things clean, even his shoes.
...that Scott and I would make new friends as a result of Teme coming.

I know there are so many more so I may have to update sometime. Adoption is a crazy thing. And crazy times a million when it is an older child! We have two post placement reports coming up. The end of this month, Sabrina will be home 2 years and Teme will be home 3 months! WOW!

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