Monday, April 12, 2010

Adoption update.

Not too much to report. But for those of you in the "adoption-know" you will realize what this all means! Our dossier is in Ethiopia! So we are waiting for our official referral and our court date. It has been implied that our court date will most likely be this summer. The biggest change is that we will need to travel to Ethiopia twice to complete our adoption. We will need to travel for the court date and the embassy date. For Sabrina's adoption we were not required to travel for the court date. So we need to get the kid's passports updated so that they have the option of traveling with us. Now that I am finally blogging again I will try and update more often. We appreciate your prayers. Adopting an older child is fairly intimidating!


Al, Scott's dad, his sister Rachel and her daughter Holly joined us from Thursday through Sunday. Then my mom, dad, sister Karen and her family joined us for Easter dinner. I didn't do a great job with pictures.
I felt kind of like we lost the spiritual significance this year. We did not attend any holy week services. We are kind of between churches. Then we attended a new church, being held in a school. It was OK but I very much missed the traditional Easter lilies and the "HE IS RISEN"!

Not very sure about the hat, so most of the morning it was on the floor!

I like this picture. It is so seldom that I get a picture of all three of them:)

Sabrina and cousin Christian, both turning 3 in June!

Noelle was in charge of dying the Easter eggs.
She did a great job while I got things ready for dinner.

Spring Break

We rented a condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The girls and I went down on Saturday and the boys joined us Tuesday night. They felt the need to hunt part of the week. The weather wasn't great but we had lots of fun.

Yes, they are that weird, silly, naughty:)

Isn't that sweet?! The water was freezing.
Shortly after this my son proceeded to throw me in, shocking everyone at the pool.
For some reason, Scott did not save me. I believe he was laughing too hard!

On the ferry. Not so sure about this!

About time for that first ferris wheel ride!

A budding artist at the art show in Orange Beach.

More firsts!

Our first haircut and our first cornrows! Bummer they only lasted about 3 days. I think she was afraid to do them too tightly since it was Sabrina's first time. They sure were cute. I really want to learn how when her hair gets a little longer and/or even. Her hair is very sparce around her face.