Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Migraines, migraines, and more migraines

More specifically the same migraine for over 2 weeks.  Now that we have been in the hospital and emergency room for over 10 days, including 4 days at Mayo Clinic, I can tell you the official name is status migrainosus.  Nice name, huh?  Basically it is a migraine that lasts over 72 hours, is super painful, and unbelievably difficult to get rid of!!!  We are still dealing with a residual headache and lack of energy, most likely from all the pain and hospitals.  Please continue to pray with us that Noelle will be relieved of the pain and that the changes made by Mayo will be effective!


Paula said...

We have SO been there... prayers for Noelle.

Sam and Anna Danforth said...

Praying for Noelle today.