Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still fighting migraines:(

The photo is actually from back in January when we were up at Mayo.
They had to use an ambulance to transport Noelle to the clinic from the hospital.
The past 29 hours we have been to the Emergency Room twice for migraines.
She has been battling this one for about 9 days.
With school ending in a week and a half, it would be fabulous to end this so she can finish up,
especially Geometry.  We have an appointment at Mayo on Thursday.
She is scheduled to receive Botox.  Please pray that we would have wisdom 
on whether to go ahead with that treatment.  Pray that if we chose to proceed
that she would have great results.  Pray that her headaches would be under
control as we travel to Ethiopia May 30-June 14th!!

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