Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Christmas update

Santa and I are officially done Christmas shopping!  Can I just say...I love Christmas!  Everything about it.  I love that God sent Jesus to save us.  Boy do I need saving, every day.  And I love the music and the shopping and I LOVE my tree.  I have ornaments from when I was a child and ornaments I have bought each year for the kids.  Putting up my tree is like a walk down memory lane.

This year Christmas has been a welcome distraction to the everyday-ness of Lyme's.  Most days Noelle and I drive around and run a few Christmas errands.  Sometimes she stays in the car, sometimes we use the wheelchair but most days lately she is able to walk!  She has really struggled with mood lately but the last few days have been great!!  We are not sure of the reason for the improvement but we are so thankful.  We both agree that the physical issues are much easier to deal with than the emotional ones.

I hope each one of you is able to see the Joy of Noel.

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