Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ode to Ann

Recently, my college roommate emailed me.
It has been fantastic to be in contact with her again.
It has been amazing and enthralling to see where our
lives are similar and where they are different.
I look forward to where our new relationship takes us!

Scott and I's wedding
the troop from Teen Missions Fiji

At my parents cabin, probably also 1987.
We are both still happily married.
Yeah us!!!!

The eighties called they want their hair back!
Roommates at the University of Northern Iowa.

High School youth trip to Estes Park, Colorado.
Do you think this was before or after we broke the bed??

Happy Mommy's Day

Wedding Day, 1987

Mother's Day, 2012
Same company, same driver, different carriage and horse:)

Best part of the weekend...

(Poem from Teme)

Mother's Day

Thanks mom for your help.

Thanks for washing my clothes.

Thanks for cleaning my room.

Thanks for taking me to tutoring because I like to learn
how to read and write.

I'm sorry for not listening sometimes.

Happy Mother's Day!

I Love You Mom!

From Temesgen

Second best part...
Someone at brunch on Sunday thought Jake was my little brother!


For Easter the six of us trekked to Lincoln to visit Grandma Lucy, my 98 year old Grandma.
These aren't the clearest pictures but we are all together and everyone but Scott 
is pretty happy.  I think he was battling some traveler's tummy:(

Rock Star Mama!

I get bored so easily:)
It probably won't last long,
the roots are horrible.


We are painting our family room and my (rarely, lately)
romantic husband left me a much appreciated message!

Still fighting migraines:(

The photo is actually from back in January when we were up at Mayo.
They had to use an ambulance to transport Noelle to the clinic from the hospital.
The past 29 hours we have been to the Emergency Room twice for migraines.
She has been battling this one for about 9 days.
With school ending in a week and a half, it would be fabulous to end this so she can finish up,
especially Geometry.  We have an appointment at Mayo on Thursday.
She is scheduled to receive Botox.  Please pray that we would have wisdom 
on whether to go ahead with that treatment.  Pray that if we chose to proceed
that she would have great results.  Pray that her headaches would be under
control as we travel to Ethiopia May 30-June 14th!!

Dance Class

Really hard to photograph a twirling almost 5 year old!!

Cute pic!

Sabrina and Teme have been like biological siblings from day one!
Teasing, hugging, annoying each other...

Everyday with Sabrina

Phelps Youth Pavilion, our favorite!

Mini golf at the Eiffel Tower

Daddy came at lunch time and did caricatures of us!

Barnes and Noble

Mommy's shoes

Bluebells with Grandma

Sonrise Circus Program

Dancing Lady!