Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers needed

What a crazy world we live in. Please pray for those affected at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I think it feels personal because Scott's sister ran the marathon in a previous year. And Scott has a goal to qualify. He was less than two minutes off last time he did a marathon. It just makes the world feel so unsafe...again.

On the home front, Jake is trying to quit chewing. I think he is on day three. I really pray he can do it! Then I pray he motivates his dad to quit! It is such a disgusting habit and the long term effects are potentially awful! I always tell Scott that our marriage vows did not include self-inflicted mouth cancer! Go Jake!!

Noelle applied to nursing camp for this summer. Please pray with us that she is accepted. It is so important to her and since she is such a planner it is driving her crazy not to know!!

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