Monday, July 1, 2013

Lyme complications

Noelle has been to the hospital four times in the last two weeks. Not really out of the ordinary for us. Which is scary. Chest pain...never explained. Horrible anxiety attack...relieved by medication, repeated the next night but we avoided the ER. Clog in her PICC line...administered a med to clean the line. Intense side pain...not appendix.

As a result of these visits we tried to adjust some of Noelle's medicines. We had two doctors basically deny her Lyme diagnosis. One refused to give us meds. That should help us control her symptoms. The other, our long time primary care, recommended that we go to Mayo. Noelle has had symptoms for 6 years. We have been to Mayo. We have been to the University of Iowa clinics more than once. Nothing else covers her multiple symptoms. Every visit to these hallowed institutions had led to medications to cover individual symptoms. Most have given her no improvement. Oh wait, and we have a blood test with a positive Lyme result! Seriously, did we make this up!!!

Thankfully the doctor that diagnosed Noelle is local and able to help us with some symptoms. However due to her specialty she is not able to be listed as our primary. So now we get to find a new one, who is open-minded about Noelle's Lyme diagnosis. And I need to write a letter to these doctors. So that I can vent and also so I can attempt to educate them. One of the doctors kept repeating, "If she was my daughter..." When your daughter has been sick for 6 years, you let me know what you would do!

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