Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Things are not going as well as we would like with Noelle's Lyme symptoms. Since taking out her PICC line in August her symptoms have worsened. Which means that IV antibiotics were definitely helping. We may have to reconsider that at some point. Though Noelle says that it is easy for me to say:/ She is currently not on antibiotics. We are trying a couple of new things. She is getting Onamed treatments. If you are interested in an explaination, there is one at this site, She will receive treatments twice a week for about an hour each session.

We are also trying a Silver and Aloe protocol. The aloe will help to heal her stomach. Silver is said to kill the bacteria. The key to this will be our consistency.

A few months ago we felt the need to start searching for a new primary care physician. The primary care person we have counted on for a long time expressed a distrust in Noelle's diagnosis and in her treatment. We were not comfortable continuing to see her. I am happy to say that after a couple months of not knowing what to put when it asks our primary care physician, we have a new doctor!! Dr. Angela Townsend is actually a friend of our family's from church. She is a pediatrician but is able to treat Noelle as long as she is a student. We had our first appointment the other day and it could not have gone better! She is concentrating on Noelle's inablility to get decent sleep first. She is not awake yet this morning, but yesterday she slept over 12 hours! And no nightmares.

Due to her worsened symptoms school attendance has been a factor. Yesterday we met with her advisors and dropped all but one traditional class. She will attempt to make it to school each afternoon for Chemistry. This is important to her both because she likes science, and because she wants to be a nurse. All her other classes will be online and she will mostly work from home. I am praying that this change will relieve some of her stress.

Thanks again for your prayers.

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