Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lots of Appointments!

We have lots of impending Doctor's appointments which lead me to ask for lots of prayer. Noelle has been in so much pain lately! Our biggest prayer request is for healing! If the Lord continues to choose not to work in that way, our request is for the doctor's to find a way to lessen Noelle's pain as she endures treatment.

Tomorrow, January 20th: Thank you Martin Luther for your strides toward racial tolerance. Though I can tell you as the parent of a multi-racial family we have a long way to go!

We have an appointment in Columbia, Missouri with Noelle's Lyme Doctor. It is a five and a half hour drive. Though Noelle likes the distraction of driving, it is not as comfortable as being in bed! Pray for her comfort as we drive. Pray for wisdom for the doctor. One of his main roles is selecting the order of Noelle's antibiotics. We are also interested in having her tested for co-infections, like Bartonella. This testing is not known for being reliable. However, we are currently paying for her IV medications out of pocket due to Lyme policy with our insurance company. If she was to test positive for Bartonella I believe that they would pay for another month of medications. Not sure what else we are looking for at this appointment. All of her symptoms are the worst they have been, so hopefully this will inspire her doctor to come up with something new!

January 22nd: Appointment with the community school district. We need to figure out a way that Noelle can graduate. She has not been able to study at all since about September.

January 28th: Appointment with immunologist in Ames. Noelle tested immune deficient. We pray that treatment will lead her to kill the Lyme more efficiently and quickly.

January 29th: Appointment with pain specialist. No idea what this will lead to. Obviously we are praying for better pain control!!

February 3rd: Appointment with yet another doctor to discuss the results of heavy metal toxicity and genetic testing.

February 9-14th: Every year Scott has the opportunity to win a trip. God has blessed his business and he won a trip to Mexico. I have not been able to travel with him for awhile so Scott, Noelle and I are traveling to Mexico. We covet your prayers. Travel will be an issue for Noelle due to anxiety and pain. We pray that there are no issues with her PICC line while we are travelling (infection, clogs, etc.). We pray that there is no reason for us to seek medical care in Mexico. Please pray that Scott and I are able to reconnect in a relaxed way. We are constantly going different directions!! Pray for Teme and Sabrina as they stay home with Scott's assistant.

March 6th: Appointment in St.Paul, Minnesota with a different Lyme doctor. We feel that it is time to seek a second opinion to be sure that we are doing everything possible to help Noelle heal. Noelle's friend from Canada sees this doctor and my sister has taken my niece there.

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