Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to school, and on their own!!

One by one the kids are heading back to school. The first one to move out was Noelle! On August 8th she moved to an apartment! So unbelievable! We are so proud of her. Technically due to her large amount of absences over the last two years especially, Noelle has one semester of high school left. She will begin Hawkeye Community College in January. She will be there for two years and then pursue her BSN at Allen Nursing School. Here are a few pictures of her apartment. She has two roommates that were assigned to her. They are doing well so far.

August 19th Teme headed back to school. He is in the 8th grade.

August 21st the big guy headed back to Ames. He has changed his major to Chemistry with a teaching certification, with the goal to teach high school Chemistry. I think this is a good fit. In fact, I have been encouraging him in this direction for awhile. I actually felt the need to ensure that he did not change because of my pestering. I would hate to be responsible for an unhappy choice. He assures me it was all his decision.

His room is TINY! And I have laughed at the difference getting a girl off to her own place for the first time versus a boy, especially Jake. So funny.

Sabrina will head to second grade tomorrow. I will definitely add photos later.

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