Friday, April 24, 2015

New memories

Sabrina's Lyme doctor is in Wisconsin. Her first appointment was WAY up north. But follow-up appointments are in Pewaukee, which is near Milwaukee. Since Scott and I lived in Madison when we were first married it holds many happy memories for me. So Sabrina and I stayed in Madison and explored a little.

First up, Henry Villas Zoo. Which is, unbelievably, FREE! So you can bet Scott and I went there more than a few times when we were dating and first married. They have changed a number of things. Including adding a large Children's Zoo. Very cool! But a couple memories were stolen:/

Next up, Ella's Deli. You kind of have to be there to experience it! They have a carosel which Sabrina rode twice, once with and once without me. Every table is different. There is stuff to look at everywhere!! Good stuff, great memories!