Sunday, March 23, 2008

Quick update

We have been traveling again. Scott and I spent five days in Puerto Rico on a business trip that he won. Yeah, Scott. It was over Jake and Noelle's spring break, so as soon as we got home we left for the weekend with them. We skied in Galena and then went to an indoor water park in Wisconsin Dells. The skiing was awesome! It was the best when all four of us were skiing down the same run. Heaven, here on earth. The waterpark was crowded.

On the way home I was feeling contemplative, so I was thinking, dreaming about checking out the waiting child list when I got home. Scott says...maybe we shouldn't adopt since we can't even get along as a family for a weekend, or something like that. I am like OK, what planet have I been on. We had a little episode in the hotel this morning but other than that I am thinking it was so awesome for the four of us to be together. And, I am crushed. Then I am thinking, "GET BACK SATAN!!! DON'T MESS WITH THIS CALLING!"

So when we get home, Scott says to Jake, "do you think we should adopt?" OK, Jake is the "Are you crazy, you're adopting" kid. But he says: first, by the time this adoption is done I'll have a career. We laughed. And then he said yes. We are a better family than most, and no one is perfect. I told him that one of the things that I had been thinking about in the car was "Blessed are the peacemakers..." He definitely is that.

Man, I love my crazy family. Try having three first-borns and a crazy eleven year old girl in one family! I know that we are called to bring another one into this mix, heaven help them!

Prayer request: Now that we are adopting from Ethiopia we are adopting from a waiting child list. It feels a little like shopping for a child. I pray that God would direct us.

Thanks for taking this crazy ride with us.


Brandi said...

What cool trips! Now we need pictures! Sounds like a blast. . .I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to go on trips like that!

Definitely praying as God picks your child and directs you to see His hand! You need to update your links to add the org you are working with


j & m said...

love this blog post . . . it definitely shows a mother's heart. Sometimes I just well up with so much joy and pride for my little family. then other times I want to scream. :)
So excited that the Lord is continuously working through and in your family during this whole crazy adoption ride. It seems that He is truly bringing everyone together to bring HIM the ultimate glory. So cool.
Love ya,
(ps. we haven't moved to AR yet, we're still in Florida support raising!) :)

S and K said...

OkAY... I am laughing. We too have a very crazy family and extended family.

I cannot wait to see the child God has created to be in your crazy family. It will be so fun to see what personality traits this child has and to whom he/she most relates.

We have found our three adopted ones to be a PERFECT fit in our family. They have so many similar personality "issues" and it's fun to be able to say, "like father, like son," etc.

This new child of yours is already amazing. God redirected your path and had you walk down a winding road to get to him/her.

I am praying right now that the Lord would show that child to you very soon!