Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our dossier has left the state!

Our dossier is finally on its way to Washington D.C. There it gets notarized again and authenticated. Then it goes to our agency on the west coast, where they send it off to Ethiopia. I did each of those steps "Next Day" so that should go pretty quickly. I really have no idea what happens then, but hopefully we get a July court date!!

As I was getting papers notarized, the notary said to me, "I bet Angelina (Jolie) didn't have to do all of this!" Makes you wonder doesn't it. At the very least, I am sure she paid someone to get all of this together.

It feels so good to have the responsibility be someone else's for a little while. Now I have to work on Jake's travel papers for Argentina. He is going on a missions trip with Global Expeditions/Teen Mania. Then, I need to do a little Spring gardening.


Donna Barber said...

We are following your adoption and are excited to see where this will be going for you. Cant wait to see what is next.

ChristineOntario said...

Hi! I was googling the Teen Mania Aregentina trip because my daughter is going as well-just wondering if it is the same trip? This Monday??? Well, if so-her name is Brielle & we're from Ontario, Canada-we're so excited about all that the Lord is going to do. Shes 16 & is going on her is your adoption coming along??? Christine