Saturday, June 7, 2008


I copied this idea from a fellow blogger! Isn't she adorable! She is even wearing the outfit that we sent to her. I can hardly stand it that she is halfway around the world. We received 13 pictures of her! Thank you, Michelle! And the other exciting news is that our dossier is in Ethiopia! Our agency will be requesting a court date next week. Hallelujah! I am so excited. I have read of many families having to go through more than one court date. I do not know how common that is, but it is scary with the courts closing August 7th.


Clive & Dawn said...

HI Diane! Love your blog! Can't wait to finally see your little girl! How exciting for you!

amber said...

Oh, her little hand is so adorable! I can only imagine how badly you want to be holding her. I hope you get through court before it closes.

Yay for all the pictures!!

Brandi said...

simply precious!!!! I can't wiat foe that little hand to be wrapped around YOURS!!


emily said...

Look how chunky her leg and arms are-- praise the Lord!! Those pictures are such a blessing during this wait.

j & m said...

Wait, so is that your little baby?? Oh my word . . . so precious!!!! We are praying that the day comes soon soon for you guys.
Jon & Marisa

Nikki said...


Nikki --> my Ethiopian mission