Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been too long!

Gangsta Sabrina!

The girl is going to be a percussionist! We even got her bongos for Christmas. This was taken at the new Youth Pavilion here in town. Both of the girls love it there, so we have a pass.

Driving the bus with Noelle and cousin, Elizabeth. She loves the horn, she would fit right in
in Ethiopia!

Mom and Jake, Christmas morning

Opening our presents. Sabrina got a puzzle that makes musical instrument sounds, bongos and the noise maker you see in the photo. It probably sounds like we are really a musical family. Not so much...but Sabrina really loves music. She has wonderful rhythm,
much better than mine.
I can't believe that we have had Sabrina home over a month! In some ways it seems much longer, she is such a wonderful part of our family. Scott and I were talking last night. She is such a charmer. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a smile to match. What a wonderful blessing God has given us. I am not even sure what to type that can possibly describe the feelings that I have for her. It reminds me of when I was in the hospital after giving birth to Jake and Noelle. In the middle of the night, when it was quiet and it was just me and the baby. This overwhelming sense of... how can I possibly deserve this!! I guess I don't, but God in is amazing goodness has given where it is not deserved!


Jillienne said...

Welcome to the "Can she really be ours club" it's a great place to be!
It must be something about children or people from Ethiopia because Emersyn is the same way. She loves all things musical and one of the only things that will calm her down when she is upset is when we sing to her it is an instant fix. I have always assumed that she was sung to in Ethiopia.

Christy said...

Aren't they just amazing? I can't even imagine life without Eli. Eli started dancing yesterday. So cute!

amber said...

I still think the same things about Henry and he's been home over a year! The tears well up when I think about the gift he is to us -- totally undeserved on our part. God is so good.

I am way behind on congratulating you on Sabrina's homecoming -- my blogging has taken a backseat to everything else in life the last few months -- but I am so, so happy to see these photos of you all together. She is absolutely precious and sooooo beautiful!! You guys were so patient and faithful during the long, long wait and I am so glad you are past the finish line. Now a new chapter begins.

Lots of love,

S and K said...

I saw this a while ago and meant to comment but didn't! Anyway, I LOVE Sabrina's Christmas dress!

I also love the drumming picture. So very happy for you!

Brandi said...

Must be an African thing b/c man can Davis drum and dance! and sing. . not sure what. . but he does sing!

She is such a cutie. . and your other kiddos look so happy to have her home! How fun is that?