Monday, January 12, 2009


Who doesn't love mashed potatoes! Maybe I went a little overboard with pictures, but her expression was different in each one! Have a happy day!


Jillienne said...

That is great! Gotta love feed yourself time. Emersyn went to town on some spagetti last night!

S and K said...

Okay, you are so right... her expression is different in each and sooo cute. It makes perfect sense to take so many! She is adorable.

Brandi said...

She is stinking cute. . wait, is that what I say on every comment? well, she is!

Love ya,

Clive and Dawn said...

Yohannes HATES mashed potatoes, he loves pasta though so he's getting those carbs! I wonder about the teeth too, cos Yohannes has 11 now but he still is missing his bottom right lateral incisor...hmmm. He was malnourished aswell.