Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bad mommy

We gave away our dog yesterday. And despite the fact that there were many reasons why, I am really struggling. It is going to be really hard when I hear that little voice say, "puppy?" We have had Sam for two and a half years. He has destroyed our carpet, our couch, and our chair. I basically had stopped entertaining because of the state of our living room, his favorite room. (Urine stains everywhere, chewed furniture and carpet) Our yard is not fenced in and it was increasingly hard to let him out with Sabrina in sub zero temperatures. He doesn't come when I call him. Like, he is down the street or in the neighbors garage and I have to set Sabrina by the window and go get him. (Sabrina doesn't move much yet, please don't judge!) He had growled at Sabrina a few times. He has never hurt anyone, but what if he did? Like I said, she is not very mobile and his mouth is about where her face is.
But...he is adorable. Before we had Sabrina, he and I hung out together all day. He is a big snuggler. He would often sleep with us or our son. I love that silly dog. Someone tell me, we aren't that cruel??

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