Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, so smart!

Probably because Scott, Noelle and I wear glasses everyday, Sabrina loves glasses. These are a pair of Build-A-Bear glasses that fit her perfectly! I can't believe how big her hands look in these pictures, they were sooo tiny when we picked her up.
I never updated her vital stats from our last checkup! She is still under 3%, but her weight is 19.o3 pounds and her height is 29.13 inches. She has a big whopping head, 25%! It's all those amazing brains.


Christy said...

Well, she has three pounds on Eli now! She does look as smart as she is in those glasses! Before I read I was thinking that she must be wearing glasses now because they do fit her perfectly!

Clive and Dawn said...

she is the cutest baby girl I have ever seen!!!