Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Only Scott

Yes, we have 100 baby quail in our garage. Apparently we will raise them here, then at our cabin, and then release them at our cabin. (About 75 miles from our home.)

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theMom said...

As your post was loading, I first saw the title, "Only Scott". Then some of the images started coming up, but I still could not tell what the brown flecks were. I could tell that whatever it was, was contained in a kiddy pool. I imagined it being those worm things that some hunters keep around their living rooms to eat the flesh off the bones of their trophies. We have two families up here who have done that. Apparently, these cleaned bones can be sold for big bucks if one can convince ones wife to keep a container full of worms in the living room. I'm glad it's just quail.