Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family reunion!

Many thanks to Riley and Kathy Tonkin and Steve and Nancy Tonkin for hosting the first, hopefully annual Tonkin reunion in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thirty-six of us gathered from Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota and Iowa. My grandma is 96, her three sons and their wives, their nine kids and their spouses, and their thirteen kids (not including the three expecting mommies!)
Highlights included a video montage of the lives of the Tonkins!

Snuggling after the brunch!

Working it, in our picture clothes and some shoes
apparently high-jacked from someone else!

I love to take my kids to places that I went as a kid!
This is the Lincoln Children's Zoo, an awesome place!
Sabrina, cousin Christian and Aunt Karen

Cousin Emilee, Noelle, and cousin Elizabeth.
Noelle was such a great help and entertainer over the weekend!

One of the cute moments!

Spider cousins!

Beautiful sisters!

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