Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lots of changes

So I never have time to do an in depth serious update. Sorry. We are crying out to God, a lot! Temesgen is amazing but he is an almost 11 year old boy who doesn't speak much English and has disrupted two girls' lives. That is definitely the hardest part. Noelle needs lots of prayer as she processes everything it means to be 14 and have some individual struggles and a new brother. Sabrina is not used to sharing or being pestered. Which leads to lots of howling!
Medical update: We went to Gillette Children's Hospital in the twin cities. They took many
x-rays and a CT scan. Things are pretty messed up. Separated bones, lack of soft tissue, etc. They will definitely be amputating. Scott was holding out hope of a repair/miracle, but I guess I always expected this. (Not in a "I don't believe in miracles" sort of way, just in the that's what I always figured way.) They do not know if it will be below the femur, or if it will have to be higher. There is also scar tissue on his hip to be repaired. First he will have to have some wound care surgery and clear the infections in his knee. Our next appointment at Gillette is November 5th. Our amazing Ethiopian friends are trying to help us prepare Temesgen for all that is ahead. Just today he had to go start the updating of his immunizations and repeat some tests that were done in Ethiopia. Scott said it was 8 pokes. Yuk!
Temesgen is able to attend Sonrise School, the same school that Sabrina is attending. He is in the 4th and 5th grade classroom from 1:45-3:30 each day. He loves school and can't wait to spend more time there! At home we are working on writing and recognizing letters and numbers. We are using some Preschool and Kindergarten workbooks. Temesgen's English is rapidly improving and we are pretty sure that he understands much more than he can say.

Our first trip to the mall. Temesgen wanted another pair of shoes. He also picked out this sweatshirt and a UNI cap. Go Panthers! We have been to two Panther football games. Temesgen seems to enjoy this though I am not sure how much he understands since it is hard to discuss football with the language gap.

Scott and Temesgen went fishing on the Cedar River with our friend, Darrin.
Temesgen caught this whopper and even got to drive the boat.

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