Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please pray with us!

Today at 1:15 Teme will have his first surgery. It is outpatient and will just "clean up" his knee. But it is still the first, of many I am sure. We met with our friends last night so that he could be as prepared as possible but I know it will still be scary. Please pray for peace for Teme, for the doctor, and for quick and painless (or at least controllable) healing.

Also, Sabrina is having blood in her stool so we will be running her to the doctor. Please pray for peace for her as I know they want to draw blood. And for an early appointment with a decent doctor.

My mom was admitted to the hospital last night with chest pains. They are concerned about heart or blood clots. Which is scary enough but also leaves us with no one to watch Sabrina this afternoon. Please pray for her health. That if something needs to be found they would find it. Pray that the pain would go away. Pray that my back-up plans for Sabrina would work.

And of course no one slept well last night. Pray for extraordinary energy and patience!! MY

Oh, yeah.....if the person who left the cookies and note of encouragement on our doorstep yesterday reads this blog.....THANK YOU! It means soooo much!!


The Martins said...
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The Martins said...

Praying with you today!