Saturday, October 2, 2010


Teme came through his surgery with flying colors. He had some vomiting from the anesthesia but quickly felt better. The surgeon was pleased with the condition of his knee. Miraculously after having his injury for almost 10 years in a third world country, there was no infection below the surface! Our God is awesome. They told us Tylenol should control his pain and it seems to be working. He even went to school Friday afternoon.

My mom was in the hospital for two days having every imaginable test. The good news is they seem to have ruled out heart and a blood clot. The bad news is that they don't have a very good explanation for her pain. They think it may be related to an earlier scope that she had done. I think if her pain is not gone by next week they will seek another opinion.

We were able to get a convenient appointment for Sabrina with our favorite doctor. They did a blood test and Sabrina did not even cry! They are fairly certain the blood was in response to two antibiotics that she is on. She has not had any symptoms since.

The day of Teme's surgery Sabrina was able to play at a friend's house from preschool. Thank you Christensens. And thank you all for your prayers.

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