Thursday, October 28, 2010


This first picture is just fun!
Teme is a BIG physical touch kid and a big copycat!
He wanted Noelle to carry him and she obliged!
I love it when everyone is getting along.

This is the first night that Teme got serious about learning to use his crutches.
Here Daniel is explaining the process to him.

Daniel and Elizabeth's son, Nathan.
Sabrina's favorite person in the world!
It was a good thing that Teme started getting serious about his crutches. In another amazing move by God, Teme started full day public school on October 18th. He has an amazing male teacher whose wife is disabled and has two adopted children. He is joining an ELL program that is headed by a former kindergarten teacher. He makes the 13th language in the program. The kids and his teachers all love him! And...he loves it. Yesterday he came home with a picture a girl in his class had drawn him and a sheet where many of his friends had written down their names for him.
Having Teme in school all day has been a tremendous relief for me. Seven weeks with little to no breaks was a lot! I also feel less pressure about being the one that needs to catch him up academically. Now we can just come alongside the school. That I can do:)
God is good, all the time!

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