Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend with the Larsons

September 24th and 25th we joined Scott's family in Minnesota for the weekend. They were anxious to meet Teme and we were remembering Scott's mom. Shirlee went to be with Jesus one year ago. We had lots of fun meeting up with everyone though I must admit it was a little anxiety provoking being in a hotel room with the three kids. A lot going on there!! I can't believe that we didn't get any pictures at the swimming pool. I think Scott didn't want me to get the camera wet. Teme and Sabrina had a blast. Teme has never really swam before and it is a challenge with just the one functional leg. But he loved it and he is a quick learner and very athletic. On Saturday we went to an apple orchard and out for a fun lunch.

At the drive-in restaurant with cousin Oliver. Scott's sister, Christy's son.

On the hayride, Holly, Sabrina and Naomi.

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