Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Fall Days!

Teme can pout when things don't go his way. I was trying to remember if it was the Liberian pout or the Ethiopian pout I had read about, maybe it's both! Sometimes when he is frustrated he heads outside for awhile. This particular day, he had been outside for awhile so I decided that Sabrina and I had better check on him. Usually I would find him under a tree or on the side of the house. This day he was playing in the leaves. He had made a big pile (with his hands) and was jumping in it. Sabrina and I decided to join in and I ran for my camera:)

Thank goodness for great neighbors.
This is actually our neighbor's yard that we are dragging leaves from the street into!

The heart of a child.
The heart that God protected and cherishes.

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