Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learning Curve

Most days I have no idea what God was thinking when He entrusted us with this adventure, this boy. Most days Scott is pretty perfect in relationship to Teme. It seems like more often than not, I am struggling. I think Scott is able to focus on one child at a time without the other three's problems floating around in his head. I have no idea how people with truly large families do it! I feel so incapable to meet the needs of these four. I think it may have been easier if they were closer together, four in 4th grade and under or whatever. But one in college, one in high school, Teme and Sabrina, is pulling my already fragile brain in so many directions:)

God has blessed us in so many ways throughout this process. I know I have mentioned our Ethiopian friends, but I cannot thank God enough for leading us to each other! I cannot thank God enough for protecting Teme, physically and emotionally. No one would ever guess the life he has already lived.

Which leads me to the learning curve. Yesterday morning was rough! If Scott is not home, I take 3 kids to 3 different schools on MWF. Teme is NOT a morning person. So getting him up is frustration number one! Yesterday was very windy and chilly in Iowa. Teme refused to wear pants or a jacket. Then he refused to eat breakfast. I was so frustrated that all I could see was stubbornness, maybe disobedience, as he went to school in shorts and no jacket while others wore their winter coats and gloves. Last night I learned that Teme did not want to dress warmly because he thought he had to wear his jacket all day, and he gets hot during the school day. We both could have handled things differently, but I didn't even think through WHY he might be refusing. I pray that God would give me patience and a soft heart toward Teme. That I would know when to be strict and when to explore further. That Danny would always be available when we need a translator!!

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