Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surgery Scheduled!

Teme's surgery has been scheduled for February 11th at Gillette Children's Hospital in St.Paul, Minnesota. We will go up on Thursday evening. Surgery is at noon on Friday. He is expected to be in the hospital four to seven days. He will be out of school about two weeks and approximately six weeks after surgery will be fit for his prosthetic. Please pray with us that we find a tutor. We hate for him to lose any school time but have had trouble finding someone to tutor.

Please pray for the everything involved with the surgery. That Teme would continue to have peace about what is happening even with the pain and the six weeks without his "new" leg. Pray for our other kids as we need to be focused on Teme. Pray that this would be a special time for our family to connect!

Just as a side note: We finally got Teme to the dentist today and his teeth are perfect! Unbelievable, though the dentist said that less refined sugar is a big factor.

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