Thursday, December 29, 2011

"I love you baby Jesus!"

There is a local Catholic Church that had a Nativity Scene.  They chose to add Jesus on Christmas. 
 Today was the first day that we had a chance to go see Him:)  Sabrina was so excited!  
We had a nice but different Christmas.  We celebrated as an immediate family at home on Thursday evening.  We intended to leave Friday for Des Moines to see my family.  Instead we spent the day in the E.R. with Noelle's migraine.  After some morphine, we headed home so she could sleep.  Fourteen hours later she woke up, still with a headache.  We elected to head to Des Moines anyway.  Probably not our best decision making.  We were able to participate in some activities but on Christmas Day we were back in the E.R., this time in Des Moines:(  So rather than head to Lincoln to visit my grandma, when Noelle was a little more comfortable we headed back to Waterloo.  Upon waking Monday she was a little better and has had some respite from her headache this week.  We will see her neurologist again next week. 
 Praying for some answers!

Decked out with some new Christmas clothing.  
Hat, tee and necklace (Go Pack! and Cyclones!) on Teme!
Sparkly boots, leotard and tutu on Sabrina.

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