Friday, December 23, 2011

Quick prayer request!

Noelle's migraines are back.  This is week three of lots of drugs.  Today we went to the E.R. for some morphine.  That is what finally kicked it back in September.  We are home and she is sleeping but if she wakes up in pain we will probably head back to the hospital:(  We were to go to Des Moines today to spend Christmas with my family and on to Lincoln to see my 97 year old grandma on Monday.  All plans are on hold at this point, which is obviously not a big deal compared to Noelle's pain.  We covet your prayers!


Paula said...

Oh poor Noelle! Having been through this with Anna, I know how frustrating and horrible it is. Hope she gets some relief.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diane, You probably have already tried this, but a friend highly recommends taking magnesium citrate (NOT nitrate) 400mg each night with dinner. What I read online recommends starting with a high dose like 800mg (that will upset your stomach). It helps prevent the migraines, and I feel like it does help. I only get a few per yer now. You can order magnesium citrate online from somewhere like vitacost. It is hard to find at a regular store. most stores sell nitrate which isn't connected with migraine relief.