Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Surgery Scheduled!

Teme's surgery has been scheduled for February 11th at Gillette Children's Hospital in St.Paul, Minnesota. We will go up on Thursday evening. Surgery is at noon on Friday. He is expected to be in the hospital four to seven days. He will be out of school about two weeks and approximately six weeks after surgery will be fit for his prosthetic. Please pray with us that we find a tutor. We hate for him to lose any school time but have had trouble finding someone to tutor.

Please pray for the everything involved with the surgery. That Teme would continue to have peace about what is happening even with the pain and the six weeks without his "new" leg. Pray for our other kids as we need to be focused on Teme. Pray that this would be a special time for our family to connect!

Just as a side note: We finally got Teme to the dentist today and his teeth are perfect! Unbelievable, though the dentist said that less refined sugar is a big factor.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tough Stuff!

I know the reason that I have been avoiding blogging is because I am in a tough spot. God has brought us here and I hope and pray He will deliver us. But it is hard. It is hard to hang on to our marriage. It is hard to show love to anyone when I am tired and challenged. It is hard for me to back down when my instinct is to fight. I mean all these things as much or more with the kids as with Scott.

The delicate balance and workings of our family have been dumped into a big concrete mixer and tumbled to a place that is beyond recognition. Our first born, has gone off to college. Our second born is struggling with her place in life and her place in this family. Teme is fighting to adjust to a new culture and a new family. Sabrina...well I always just say Sabrina is 3. Scott and I have zero time to ourselves. In an effort to create a sense of relaxation for each other we are constantly splitting up, one of us one direction and one of us the other.

Huge, scary things are on the horizon. Thank the Lord that He is in control and not I!! This week we will spend some time focusing on Noelle and the things that she is struggling with. Please pray for us. Her battle has been a long one and she so desires healing. We are still waiting for a confirmed date, but sometime in the next two months Temesgen will have his left leg amputated. Obviously there are huge issues involved with that. Please pray for all aspects. Pray especially that the hearts of our two oldest would be touched toward Teme during this process.

I can't begin to pour out all that is in my heart and soul. This has been harder than anything I could have imagined. When God said go, we just went. I did not sit and think about all that could go wrong. I knew God was in control. I know He is in control. But I wish for different timing, different plans. I must know that HIS plans are ideal!

Go Pack!

This is for you Grandpa Al! Sabrina's preschool had sports day. I assumed she would wear Panther gear since we have season tickets to both football and basketball. Nope, she wanted to wear her new Packer shirt that Grandpa Al got her for Christmas. Face art courtesy of Daddy, mommy tried and it was not a pretty sight.

Merry Christmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays went really well. It was great to have Jake home! It was great to celebrate with my family and Scott's dad. All Teme asked for was a yellow button down shirt and new shoes. Of course, he got both! Sabrina was Dora crazy...CD player, pajamas, etc.

Winter fun!

These are actually pictures from two different days. The snowman building was a little bit of a bust. It was not packing snow! And the next day we got tons of snow which buried our snow buddies! Teme loves to snow board and has incredible balance! Sabrina was not loving the sledding trip:) Believe it or not, I made a run down on Teme's snowboard. Sorry no pictures or video to prove it. Scott said he was not taking me to the hospital if I fell, such confidence.

More programs!

Teme also had a Christmas program. They did a number of songs. It had been awhile since I had been to a public school winter program. It didn't feel very christmasy without the Christmas carols! I am sure it will be easier for Teme next year, with improved English and a new leg to stand on!

Our Ethiopian Community

I am so proud to be a part of an emerging Ethiopian community here in the Cedar Valley. I am so happy that Sabrina and Teme get to experience this. We had a pizza party and coffee ceremony. Two "new" families attended. It was great to get to know them. Unfortunately, it was finals week and none of the Ethiopian college students in the area could come, maybe next time! Sabrina LOVES Nunu, our "coffee hostess"!

Dance recital!

This is our budding ballerina! Most of the photos are from the rehersal. The scheduled program was cancelled due to the weather. So a week later they had their performance. Of course, I had her hair braided "professionally" for the cancelled performance. Everyone made it to the performance, even Jake!

Jingle Bells

This is from Sabrina's school Christmas program. I have video but I can't seem to get it to load:( She sang Jingle Bells with two other kids!