Friday, June 8, 2012

Interrupted Plans

May 30th we drove to Minneapolis and boarded a plane to Washington, D.C.  During all our planning we know our biggest obstacle was Noelle.  Struggling with migraines, anxiety and a general lack of desire to travel made her travel very iffy.  Before the plane left the gate we had to rearrange so that I could sit by Noelle to comfort her.  She sobbed all the way to D.C.  In all my planning I truly thought our biggest struggle would be her migraines.  I never imagined the heights her anxiety would soar to.  After arriving in D.C. we had a planned overnight.  Noelle was able to sleep fine, probably aided by the medicines we tried on the plane.  The next morning we made it all the way to the gate...But she just could not board that plane.  So Noelle and I spent a week driving back to Iowa from D.C.  We tried to make it fun.  Meanwhile the rest of the family is experiencing momentous things in Ethiopia.  Here are a couple of pictures that they have sent.

This is Sabrina and her nanny from KVI.
If you notice the pictures in back they are from the
day Sabrina came to the orphanage at 9 months
weighing 8 pounds and then shortly before we
travelled to pick her up, at 17 months.
Sabrina was the first baby at the Nazaret KVI.

This is Sabrina and her grandmother.
Scott said she is a spitfire so now we
know where Sabrina gets it!
Apparently, they had the extensions put
in in Addis Abba.  Sabrina has longed for
long hair so I am sure that she is thoroughly
enjoying her new hair.

Teme and his siblings.  I am unsure if the baby is his niece
or his little sister.  Lots of babies have joined the families
since we last visited.  Sabrina has a brother and Teme
has a new sister and a niece.

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Paula said...

So sorry you didn't get to make the trip. I hope things are going better for Noelle.