Sunday, July 29, 2012

The other women

The hardest part of missing the trip to Ethiopia was missing meeting the other women in my children's lives.  Though I had met Sabrina's grandma, I had not spent much time with her.  Scott said she is a spitfire and that Sabrina's personality is more like hers than her birth mom's.  He said she looks the most like her aunt Mona.  I did not get to meet her.  Scott has met her twice.  We did not realize that we would be able to meet Sabrina's birth mom.  Apparently Sabrina's family called her mom and said she should call Scott.  Near the end of their trip she did and they were able to meet her.

Sabrina's mom, Ada.  Apparently you pronounce it like S'ada.

This is Teme's mom.  
Scott was able to meet her on his previous trip to 
pick up Teme.  So she has now met Scott, Jake and Sabrina.
I have not yet met her.  I wonder what she 
thinks of Teme's American mom that cannot seem to make
it to meet her. 

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