Sunday, August 19, 2012

First days

Three different kids in three new schools.  Pretty sure that is a first for us!
Teme is in sixth grade, which is middle school in Waterloo.
This means a building change to Hoover Middle School.
Many moons ago I went there for eighth and ninth grade.
It was a Junior High then.
Noelle went there for parts of seventh and eighth grades.
Jake played football there when he attended private school.

Teme had orientation on the 15th, so he was first back to school.
He might look a little older than sixth grade:)

August 16th, official first day!
Noelle will be attending Cedar Falls High School this year.
She is a junior.  She is ecstatic not to have a uniform.

Sabrina is in kindergarten at Waterloo Christian School.
All I could think is, "She looks so little."  
Her good friend Aerz is pictured with her.
They are only about 2 weeks apart in age:)

With our new teacher, Miss Smits.
There are only 9 kids in her class!
I expected her to be exhausted, but she is reselient as ever!

Look out world, here we come!
And, yes, I did sob in the parking lot.  Kind of took me by surprise. 

Noelle and I had a big prayer request answered on the first day.  She was understandably nervous to attend a new high school as a junior.  As she arrived for orientation and received her schedule she learned that she did not have "B" lunch with all the kids she already knew that attend her new school.  Major crisis!  She called me and asked me to meet her to talk to the counselor.  When I pulled up she said, "Can I come cry in your car first?"  We drove around the block and she received a phone call from a good friend..."I have "A" lunch with you!"  


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