Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lyme's Disease

Quick update on health in the Larson household.  Scott tested positive for Lyme's last summer, I believe.  Noelle has just tested positive.  It is likely that she has been suffering from the symptoms for about 4 years.  Jake and I will be tested tomorrow.  We have all had tick bites.  Sabrina also had one this summer but for now we will wait to test her.

Please pray for us as we pursue treatment.  The two doctors we are aware of are not local.  The one we are intending to go with is in Missouri.  Noelle has an appointment in November, Scott in January:(  Nothing is covered by insurance.  The materials that they sent were a little scary.  Lyme's disease and its treatment are controversial.  Please pray that we would be led to the right doctor, that he would have wisdom as he treats us, that the side effects of treatment would be minimal.  Please pray that Jake and I would not test positive.  It seems likely that Jake will.  Please pray that if we are to stay with this doctor that our appointments would be moved up.  We have told them that we will travel within 48 hours if there is a cancellation.

I considered including a picture of a tick/tick bite, but it was nasty.  Each of our stories with tick bites have been pretty funny.  Not so much now.  I found mine wiggling in my abdomen and FREAKED OUT!  We found Noelle and Jake's first bites as they got back to school hair cuts about 4 years ago. We had to leave Great Clips without finishing their hair cuts. Jake's came right out.  Noelle's was very stubborn.  So Scott "gently" slapped her to distract her as he removed it:)  Jake has had many since then.  Scott has also had numerous bites.  He is the only one we know to have the rash.  Though since Noelle and Jake's were on their heads that may have hidden the rash.

We appreciate your prayers!


Paula said...

Yowza! I wonder if the Lyme disease could have anything to do with Noelle's very resistant migraines? Praying that you find the right treatment for everyone. Ticks are just gross anyway... I've had tick bites many times and it never even occurs to me that they could make me sick because I'm busy being creeped out by the fact that I have a nasty blood sucking creature on me... Definitely will be praying for all of you!

Sam and Anna Danforth said...

Oh, sorry to hear this, Diane. We are praying for you guys.

Diane Larson said...

y'all need to keep praying for meeeeeee <3 -Noelle