Monday, February 18, 2013

Two are better than one!

Today is my man's 47th birthday. I think I will keep him. I have been thinking about the things I love about him. Here are just a few:
A: awesome, athletic
B: bird feeder
C: changeable, curious
D: daring
E: explorer
F: friendly
G: gentle, generous
H: helpmate
I: intelligent
J: joyful
K: kind
L: loony
M: married to me, massuer
N: naturally nice
O: original
P: perceptive
Q: quality
R: random
S: sexy, smart
T: tailor-made, tree lover
U: unique
V: virtuous
W: warm-hearted, wild game chef
X: xtra good daddy
Y: young at heart
Z: zealous

I need you, baby! Happy Birthday!

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