Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lyme Update

Did I mention my mom and dad have both been diagnosed with Lyme? This is crazy. In a couple hours Noelle and I will head to Columbia, Missouri to visit Dr. Crist for our second visit. Noelle's access to others struggling with Lyme through the internet has been a tremendous blessing but also a source of great questioning. More so for her than me. Every patient, every doctor, every course of treatment is different. She wants to know she is getting the best shot at healing. So we are looking for confirmation that Dr. Crist is the best route.

Also, I am looking for Noelle to be motivated to follow all the recommendations. She does a great job with eating gluten-free. In fact, she hardly eats anything which isn't good. Her stomach is perpetually upset. Which is why she never wants to take the recommended medicines and supplements:( I feel strongly, from what I have read, that taking all of them would eventually be very beneficial. But she needs to believe that. I can't force feed her.

She is doing great with the online classes she is taking through our local high school. She has gone to class about once a week. She is on track to complete the eight credits she needs this semester to be on track to graduate on time. She is awesome!

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